Feb 22

Breville – The Cadillac Of Toaster Ovens

When it comes to the proverbial “Cadillac” of toaster ovens, the Breville BOV800XL Smart Oven wins hands down. This toaster oven (if it can be called that) is almost as far up the line as you’re going to get. This countertop oven is manufactured by one of the premier appliance manufacturers out there – Breville. This oven surely has the ability and features necessary to replace your need to ever use your conventional oven again for your day to day cooking requirements.

This Breville Smart Oven is as solid as they come. As far as size goes, it is one of the bigger, with an interior space measuring 0.8 cubic feet. The design is stylish and attractive so you know its going to look good in your kitchen. And you can just tell that lots of high end engineering went into both its looks as well as it functionality. This countertop convection oven can truly perform any cooking function that your big oven can perform. And do it quicker and much more efficiently.

The two terms used by Breville that I have not seen in any other toaster oven technical info are “Smart Oven” and “Element IQ.” I am assuming that Breville refers to its high end oven as a Smart Oven based on the fact that it incorporates this new technology called Element IQ. Element IQ is unique to the Breville ovens and refers to the control scheme directed to the heating elements themselves. Through automatic electronic control, Element IQ modulates the power sent to the quartz heating elements (3 on the top and 2 on the bottom) giving the oven precise control over the oven temperature and ensuring consistent cooking result every time.

The Breville convection oven is one of the bigger ones out there. The inside measures 0.8 cubic feet and is large enough to accommodate the included 12″ x 12″ baking pan as well as the 13″ pizza pan. These accessories prove that the Breville can handle the cooking chores of all but the largest of families.

In addition to the accessories mentioned above (baking pan and pizza pan), the Breville convection countertop oven also includes a broil pan. All of these included pans are high quality as you would expect and are coated with enamel to ensure a long life. The Breville also incorporates a crumb tray that is removable from the front (unlike the Cuisinart) to make cleanup a snap.

We talked about controls a little earlier and how the sophistication of the control system was directly correlated to the quality of the toaster oven. As you would expect, the Breville provides a backlit LCD screen that even I can read. The neat thing is that you turn large knobs to scroll through the function and temperature settings instead of pushing buttons. You really need to see this feature to believe it, but it is as easy as turning the knobs on your stereo tuner. But instead of selecting music stations, the “tuner” is selecting cook functions, times, and temperature. What a dream!

If you have determined that you want a toaster oven that will do more than just toast bread, and you are looking for a true countertop convection oven to replace your big oven, take a look at the Breville.