Feb 22

Cous Cous Cherry Hill, South Jersey’s Home Of Hookah And Moroccan Cuisine

While it is located surprisingly close to many large outlets, malls and restaurants, the majority of South Jersey residents I come across have never heard of it (probably assuming, like I once did, that the closest hookah dives were in Philadelphia. Wrong!)Cous Cous is ssentially a hookah bar and BYOB Moroccan restaurant, rolled into one.When you enter, you are elcomed into a vertical room aligned with octagonal tables, mini couches, pillows, candles, and the refreshing smell of herbs and spices. Having gone here once with a date and once for a party, I assure you that Cous Cous will assist in whatever atmosphere you are looking for. (Plus, this place is superbly clean compared to most seedy hookah bars around these days!)

From 5:30-10PM Sunday-Thursday and 5:30-11PM Friday and Saturday, you can enjoy all the delicious flavors of hookah, from cherry, grape, mango and melon, to strawberry, double-apple, mint and the bars premium N’argillah flavors.They also have delicious, exotic and affordable cuisine, whether you are eating with a party of friends or an intimate table of two.

My first issue was that the Hookah House had a one-drink minimum. I suppose this would have made sense if the bar served alcohol. But there was no bar, and certainly no alcohol. Nor was there any tea, which would have been my second choice. Canned pop was my only real option, which sat full the entire time I was there.

Cous Cous offers a “10 Course Royal Feast” and “6 Course Petite Feast,” depending on how hungry you are. To give you an idea of how much you’re getting for your buck, the ten course meal includes Harrira soup, a salad sampler, chicken bastilla, oven roasted chicken, sirloin beef Kafta-kabob, stewed lamb, couscous with vegetables, fresh fruit salad, baklava and mint tea, all for only $25!

They also serve a “Late Night Bites” menu, which consists of hummus and pita, greek salad, grape leaves, French fries, veggie sfiha (feta-cheese pita-pizza,) narrira soup and spicy fries, all from $4-$8. If you’re with friends, try splitting the appetizer sampler to taste-test a little bit of everything, for only $16.

Hookah is the name for a tobacco water pipe which was originally developed in the Middle East. Yes, if you’ve seen Alice in Wonderland the caterpillar is smoking from a hookah. Tobacco used in a hookah is called shisha, and what really makes the shisha special from any other tobacco product is the amazing richness of the flavor, and not the icky harsh flavor of a cigarette, but a real flavor such as mint, strawberry, apple or the more custom flavors such as starbuzz’s x on the beach. Another thing that makes hookah special is the ability to mix and match flavors, basically making your own cocktail of shisha, my favorite mixture is strawberry mint, it tastes like strawberries but the little bit of mint adds a cooling feel to it.

If you’re not bringing alcohol to drink, Cous Cous has soda, juice, Arabic coffee, mint tea and bottled water.Come every Friday or Saturday to enjoy a live DJ and belly dancing as well.
The restaurant takes reservations. So whether you are looking to plan a relaxed night out with friends, an intimate evening with someone special, or hookah simply feel the urge to try omething different, I demand that you pick Cous Cous as your meeting place. You won’t be disappointed.