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Feb 22

History Of Pizza And New York City

In a note to the Italian general cooking group, Fanon describes pizza’s originations from Older Egypt to Imperial Rome, where there were a number of different kinds of flat cooked breads with a mixed bag of sweet or salty toppings. Eventually the idea of paper thin bread made its way to Italy where, in the …

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Jan 30

Use Pizza Distribution Bags Presenting Value To Consumer

Most people will recognize pasta and pizza – two of the most popular dishes that form part of the Italian cuisine. However, Italian cuisine has a lot more to offer than just these two well known dishes. Most importantly, Italian cuisine also has a rich and tempting history – just like the different dishes that …

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Jan 28

History of Pizza – From Italy to Greece to the US

Most people think that pizza originated in Italy. But Greeks are credited with inventing the first “edible plate.” Their Flat Bread was covered with oil, spices, and dates. Tomatoes weren’t discovered yet. The Romans also made a type of long, narrow pizza that they sold by the meter. Pizza as we know it was an …

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Jan 27

Sorry For The Delay, New York City, Our Delivery Guy Got Fat

The future of food delivery in Manhattan and Brooklyn has been glimpsed. The prediction is, that New York’s food delivery people are about to take up more space in your elevator. Why, you ask? Two words. Electric bikes. No longer will the pizza delivery man, or the Chinese food guy be pedaling feverishly 10-12 hours …

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Jan 10

Pizza Recipes Making the Classics at Home

Most people associate pizza with the Italian culture. Naples Italy, on the Mediterranean shoreline is where the popular dish finds its beginnings. The dish was prepared from leftover bread and pasta sauce. Neapolitan pizza with its thin, somewhat crispy crust was topped with an herbed tomato based sauce and Mozzarella. While Italian eateries still offer …

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Jan 06

Pizza Dough – It’s What Great Pizza Is Made Of

Some people think that when it comes to pizza it is the sauce or the toppings that make it right, but others will say it is the dough. Amazingly, there are many types of pizza dough. A pizza dough recipe would have to be multiplied many times over to cover the variations that have been …

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Jan 02

New York Style Pizza

Pizza has come a long way from its Italian roots, to the various pizza varieties in pizzerias all over the world. The earliest forms of pizza are believed to have dated back to 6th Century B.C. But it was not until the 19th when pizza became legendary after Italy’s then-famous pizzaoili Raffaele Esposito named one …

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Nov 17

Enjoy New York Style Pizza, Pasta, Calzone And Stromboli From A Pizzeria In Tampa

Once you have had a taste of authentic New York style pizza, pasta, calzone and stromboli you can never forget it and will most likely be craving it ever so often even when in Tampa, so far away from New York. Now you need not get all frustrated over the memory of that perfect New …

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